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Our philosophy

The Coach Within was formed to harness and share our unrivalled experience in developing the UK’s leading internal coaching service, the award-winning BBC Coaching Network.

Not just a coaching house, much more than a training organisation and providing consultancy which is about knowledge transfer rather than promoting ready-made solutions, The Coach Within is unique in its combination of business expertise, in-depth organisational knowledge, coaching mastery and academic rigour.

We believe that coaching is a mindset as much as a skill set; that hands-on experience coupled with structured feedback and reflection are essential for the cultivation of coaching presence and that an organisation’s coaching model should complement its vision and strategy.

With this in mind we focus on delivering coach training, coach development, mentoring and supervision programmes that fit the needs of our client organisations and the level of internal coaching capability they seek to develop. As coaches we work with individuals to deliver business benefits through personal change.

Alison Fletcher

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An empathic coach and supervisor whose career has included education, print journalism, publishing, organizational consultancy and technical operations management, Alison has a wealth of leadership experience in media organizations and the public sector.

Alison has a Masters degree from Jesus College, Oxford, an MA in Human Resource Management, a post graduate qualification in coaching practice and a distinction from Oxford Brookes University in coaching supervision. She is Chartered CIPD, an Ashridge-accredited BBC coach and supervisor, a trained careers coach and MBTI qualified.

As a coach, Alison combines strong analytical and intellectual skills with a supportive, energizing style. Her knowledge of coaching psychology allows her to draw from a range of approaches to work creatively with her clients and act as a catalyst for new perspectives to emerge.

With her background in education, Alison has a particular talent for making theoretical models relevant and accessible and has won high praise from clients as a trainer, supervisor and coach developer.

Liz Macann

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Liz Macann is Head of Executive Coaching at the BBC and co-creator of the EMCC-accredited BBC Coach Foundation Course. As adviser to The Coach Within, Liz shares her decades of experience as an internal coach and coaching consultant with clients in the public, private and third sector.

Nationally, Liz takes a leading role in the development of the coaching profession. She is a speaker at national and international conferences and sits on the editorial board of Coaching at Work. Liz is a director of the Association for Professional and Executive Coaching and Supervision, a member of the EMCC and is accredited by both the Association for Coaching and the International Coach Federation.

Liz is trained in Brief Therapy, Constellations Therapy and Coach Supervision and is qualified to administer, interpret and give feedback on a number of psychometric instruments. Her passion for coaching originated in her work with communities in developing countries and with traumatised horses. For her clients, she provides exploration, support and challenge whilst facilitating self-awareness and the personal ownership of change.

What our clients say

‘I am very impressed with the skills of my coach Alison — thanks to her excellent coaching technique, patience and commitment I was able to work out the issues and grow into a more confident leader with an authentic voice and inspiring leadership style.’
Dr Vali Lalioti, Principal Technologist, BBC Future Media and Technology
‘After supervision with Alison I am more confident, more flexible and more trusting of my intuition. I have had breakthrough moments which have made a huge difference in the following coaching session with a client, and this has increased my ability and given me more resources.’
Julie Blunt, Managing Director, Interact Training Solutions Ltd
‘For me, Liz and Alison are brilliant at contextualising the coach training in the business and keeping us relevant, on track and to time. They also are clearly passionate about coaching and that communicates itself.’
‘I just think Alison was amazing. She had prepared to a very high standard, her Power Points were clean and easy to view, her knowledge was amazingly deep and the handout was valuable and to the point. Her pace and structure were excellent. I haven't met many coaches who can teach as well as that.’

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